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Air Force

An air force is that branch of military, which takes part in air-based war. Armed forces mostly maintain separate wings for separate components of war. The army is responsible for land-based warfare, while the Navy takes part in sea-based warfare. The air force on the other hand, is responsible for air-based warfare. It launches attacks on targets in air, on water and on land. It uses an array of flying machines in its operations. That includes fighters, bombers, helicopters and a variety of other aircrafts. The US Air Force (USAF) is the aviation branch of the armed forces in the United States. Its mission is "to defend the United States through the control and exploitation of air and space."

Air force operates as an “air and space” force and carries out operations from air and space. Controlling the skies and to bomb enemy targets are its primary responsibilities. Besides, it transports troops to combat zones. Army relies heavily on it for maneuvering of soldiers and equipment. The superior airlift capability of the US Air Force gives the entire United States defense mechanism an edge over the combat forces of many other countries.

Strategic nuclear deterrence is another vital role for the air force. It comprises of bomb and missile wings that are capable of delivering nuclear weapons on targets anywhere in the world. The US Air Force controls around 60 percent of the nation's nuclear force. The Navy controls the rest.

The US Air Force originated from the Army Air Corps in 1947. Its responsibility is to defend the United States through control of air and space. It carries out a wide variety of operations in doing that. The air force operations include bombing enemy targets, deploying aircrafts to fight enemy aircrafts, providing reconnaissance and transporting troops for the other armed services.

The US Air Force maintains strategic bombers capable of delivering nuclear weapons and land-based nuclear missiles on any target in the world. Besides that, air force launches and maintains satellites for different military purposes ranging from spying to weather studies.


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